Colt Tells Connecticut, “You Can Keep Your Unions, Gun Bans, and Taxes”…Hello Florida!

Colt is joining all the other innovative American manufacturing companies in the great stampede to the Right to Work South.

From RedState

Colt Firearms appears to be one of the many Connecticut companies looking for a less hostile home.

To clarify, Florida is a Right-to-Work state and Connecticut is not. Which may be why the UAW is so concerned about keeping jobs in the anti-business state:.

via The Miami Herald:

Colt Manufacturing Co. announced earlier this month it is bringing 63 jobs and a new regional headquarters and product manufacturing center to Kissimmee, Fla., next year.

Of course, Colt’s move may also have more to do with the hostile nature Connecticut has toward businesses, or the largest tax increase in the state’s history that was just imposed in June.

It’s unbelievable.  Connecticut unions are going from high paying, high tech manufacturing jobs to trying to unionize day care workers.  Nobody said the unions were very bright…and Connecticut is complicit.  When the same state outlaws the products of its own companies there’s no reason to stick around anymore.  The message is clear…Colt products are good enough for Mexican Drug Cartels (courtesy of our own ATF), but not good enough for Connecticut.

Manufacturing is dying in the Rust Belt.  California and Illinois, are you paying attention?  Of course not.  Unless, you threaten to leave.

Pratt & Whitney powers the Eagle...but not from Connecticut.