IT WAS ALL A STUNT… #Occupy Loons Play Kissie-Kissie With Obama After Heckling Him

It was all just a show.
Yesterday, around a dozen #Occupy goons heckled Obama during his New Hampshire campaign speech.

Then it was time for a little kissie-kissie…
After the rally these same Obama supporters rushed down to the stage, shook his hand and gave him notes.

Charles Dharapak/AP)

The Ticket reported, via Free Republic:

The Occupy movement trailed President Obama to New Hampshire today, where protestors briefly interrupted his jobs speech at a Manchester high school.

Using the so-called “human microphone” method, protestors shouted Obama down just minutes into his speech, calling attention to the arrest of peaceful protestors at Occupy movements around the country.

They were quickly countered by students, who began chanting, “Obama! Obama!”

But after the speech, a member of the movement got close enough to Obama as the president was shaking hands with members of the audience pass him a note, which was photographed by the Associated Press’ Charles Dharapak:

Mr. President: Over 4000 peaceful protesters have been arrested. While bankers continue to destroy the American economy. You must stop the assault on our 1st amendment rights. Your silence sends a message that police brutality is acceptable. Banks got bailed out. We got sold out.

And, whattaya know?
The liberal media was even able to capture a picture of the note that was passed to Obama.

(Charles Dharapak/AP)

It was all a political stunt.

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