#OWS Idiots Heckle Obama: “Mr. President Over 4,000 Peaceful Protesters Have Been Arrested…” (Video)

Several Occupy Wall Street protesters interrupted Barack Obama today during his speech in New Hampshire. The goons whined about “4000 peaceful protesters” having been arrested over the past month.

Obama agreed with them that the American Dream is slipping away.
Oh brother.
This whole manufactured episode was absolutely nuts.

Business Insider reported:


President Barack Obama was just heckled in New Hampshire by apparent Occupy Wall Street supporters.

About 3 minutes into his speech at Manchester Central High School, one person shouted “Mic Check” which was echoed by several voices. They continued shouting for nearly a minute, as Obama smiled and tried to continue on with his speech.

We could only hear part of what they were shouting, but it started off: “Mr. President — over 4,000 peaceful-protesters — have been arrested…”

Yeah. Those poor little darlings, all 4,000 of them, who were arrested this past month for no reason at all! What a travesty!

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