Iranian Regime Goons Loot Queen’s Portrait From British Embassy

They looted the Queen’s portrait.


Iranian regime supporters stormed the British Embassy in Tehran today. They looted a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II during their assault on the embassy.
Al-Aribiya reported:

Iranian protesters stormed the British embassy and another British diplomatic compound in Tehran on Tuesday, dramatically raising tensions with the West in a confrontation over the Islamic republic’s controversial nuclear program.

More than 20 protesters clambered over the walls of the embassy in the centre of the capital, ransacking offices, smashing windows and tearing down the British flag before Iranian police entered and stopped them, an AFP journalist at the scene reported.

In the second British diplomatic compound, in Tehran’s north, between 100 and 300 protesters burst in and occupied the property, which houses schools and residences, according to Iranian media.

The situation there was not immediately clear. The state news agency IRNA said the protesters had foreigners there in their control – that they were described as “protecting.”

…Earlier, the crowd had chanted “Death to Britain” and demanded the British ambassador leave the country immediately in reaction to fresh sanctions London unveiled last week against Iran’s entire financial sector.

Protesters inside the embassy grounds were shown live on Iranian state television throwing stones at windows, breaking them, and one was seen climbing the wall with a looted portrait of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. Others threw embassy papers into the air.

And, of course, the goons torched the Union Jack. (ISNA)

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