Let’s Face It, Obama Ain’t No Reagan… The Gipper Created 1.1 Million Jobs His 3rd September in Office

Let’s face it – He ain’t no Reagan.


In Ronald Reagan’s third September in office he created 1.1 million jobs in one month.
National Review reported:

Comparing the two presidencies at identical moments in their first terms is a contrast in style and substance. In September 2011, President Obama has just announced yet another plan for job growth before a joint session of Congress. Last month, his economic plan managed to create zero jobs.

At this same moment in 1983, Ronald Reagan’s policies were about to create 1.1 million jobs in the month of September alone, the biggest one-month job gain since the Bureau of Labor Statistics officially began keeping track back in February 1939.

So much for comparisons. Obama’s failed unemployment record is stark. In fact, by a wide margin, the unemployment rate has been higher under this president than his 11 predecessors. People seem to have forgotten that while there were admittedly large job losses in 2008, in January 2009, the month Obama took office, unemployment was 7.8 percent.

In Obama’s third September in office he created a measly 103,000 jobs – better than the zero jobs created last month but not large enough to bring down the unemployment rate.

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