Fakers, Frauds and Phonies… Far Left and Democrats Prove Once Again They Are Nothing More Than Immoral Power-Hungry Hacks

In 2001 the United States and a coalition of over 30 countries invaded Aghanistan and ousted the evil Taliban leadership after the attacks on 9-11. In 2003 the United States and a coalition of over 30 countries invaded Iraq after the majority Democrat Congress passed a resolution citing many factors to justify the use of military force against the Saddam regime.

For the next 5 years from 2003 until 2009 democrats and the far left did everything possible to undermine the efforts of our troops. They accused our soldiers and marines of being cold-blooded killers, no better than Pol Pot or Nazis, mercenaries and losers. Democrats even voted to defund the troops fighting in Iraq.

But, all of that changed in 2009. Despite the fact that Barack Obama has continued two wars, started a third war and now is sending troops to Uganda, a country that poses absolutely no threat to the United States, the democrats and far left radical groups are completely silent. You won’t hear a peep from the Marxist frauds in Code Pink. They’re still attacking Cheney, Rumsfeld and Condi for imaginary “war crimes.”


This just proves once again that the democrats and far left are complete phonies. These fakers are not anti-war. They’re anti-American and anti-conservative. They are immoral and corrupt. And, they continue to prove it more and more everyday.

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