Bill Maher and Michael Moore Agree with Tony Bennett: America Is a Terrorist Nation (Video)

Of course, these anti-American clowns won’t get any push-back from their leftist minions.
Bill Maher and Michael Moore agree with Tony Bennett, America is a terrorist nation.
Via FOX Nation:

Mediaite reported:

On his show tonight, Bill Maher defended Tony Bennett‘s controversial remarks about how United States foreign policy was a factor in causing the 9/11 attacks (remarks that Bennett immediately apologized for). Maher and panelist Michael Moore drew from their own experiences being attacked by conservatives to empathize with the legendary crooner.

John Avlon argued that Bennett’s comments were offensive, saying the only people responsible for 9/11 were Osama bin Laden and the hijackers, and to suggest otherwise is “bullshit.” Moore said he was not offended by Bennett’s statements.

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