Seeking the Truth Behind Weinergate: Does Facebook Really Send Warnings When an Account is Hacked? …Update: Weiner’s Team Lies to NY Post

Earlier this year my Facebook account was hacked. An ad was sent out to all of my contacts advertising some product. My friends replied to me and told me my account was hacked.

Facebook never contacted me.

On Friday far left Rep. Anthony Weiner said his twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked. He said this after a picture of his penis was reportedly sent out to a young woman in Seattle.
Here’s her picture.


The New York Post reported this morning that Anthony Weiner said he was warned a week ago that his Facebook account might have been hacked.

Weiner, who represents parts of Queens and Brooklyn, got a message about a week ago from Facebook alerting him that his password might have been tampered with, Arnold said.

But the warning was ignored, granting the hacker carte blanche to hijack Weiner’s online identity.

So, since when does Facebook send out warnings that a page “might have been” hacked?
Just wondering.

Doug Ross posted the complete Weinergate timeline.

UPDATE: Weiner’s spokesman lied to The New York Post.

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