Obama Approves $20 Billion In Assistance for Egypt & Tunisia

Evidently, it doesn’t appear to bother Obama that Christians are worried that Egypt is already being hijacked by the Islamists.

The leaders of the G8 pledged $20 billion in assistance for the transitions in Tunisia and Egypt today.
The Financial Times reported:

G8 leaders have pledged $20 billion in assistance for the democratic transformations in Egypt and Tunisia and address development and security needs in sub-Saharan Africa. The pledge came on the final day of their summit in Deauville, France.

G8 leaders said in a final communique that the money is intended to shore up the so-called Arab Spring, following requests by Tunisia and Egypt for massive aid following their popular uprisings this year.

The International Monetary Fund also says it is ready to offer billions of dollars in loans to help spur economic growth and jobs in the region. Britain and France have already pledged additional aid.

The radical Muslim Brotherhood is expected to win the parliamentary elections in Egypt this year.


Just last week Obama announced that he is giving $1 billion to the Egyptian government.

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