Obama to Give $1 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood Dominated Egyptian Regime

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood condemned Bin Laden’s death this month. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to end the peace accord with Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is also expected to win a majority of seats in the Egyptian Parliament later this year.

Egyptian Secretary General of Muslim brotherhood Mahmoud Hussein, center, reads a statement in front of a banner that reads in Arabic “A press conference for the Muslim brotherhood about the decisions of the general Shura council” during a press conference in the Muslim brotherhood headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, April 30, 2011. The once outlawed Muslim Brotherhood says it will contest half of the seats in Egypt’s parliamentary elections in September, revealing plans to become a major force in the country’s post-revolution politics. (AP/Khalil Hamra)

Obama wants to reward them.

Today Barack Obama will announce that he is giving $1 billion to the Egyptian government that will soon be dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.
The AP reported:


In his first comprehensive response to revolts across the Arab world, President Barack Obama is doling out punishment and praise, targeting Syrian President Bashar Assad for attacking his people but also promising fresh U.S. aid to nations that support democracy. Obama is also trying to erase any doubt that the U.S. supports the call for change.

Obama was expected to use his Middle East speech Thursday to sharply defend new sanctions on Assad as the U.S. government toughens its message for the repressive leader: Embrace democracy or get out. In a primary thrust of his address, Obama also was announcing aid for Egypt and Tunisia, the two nations seen as models while protests for freedoms elsewhere have been crushed.

Collectively, Obama’s economic proposals will account for much of what’s new in a speech that, by design, is intended to look back and let him put his imprint on the massive change across the Middle East and North Africa over the last six months. The core of what Obama will argue is that the United States must help nations modernize their economies and give job opportunities to their young people so that democracy can take hold and thrive — the kind of regional stability that is deeply in the political interests of his government.

The president plans to forgive roughly $1 billion in debt owed by Egypt to free up money for job-creation efforts there. And he will reveal other steps to bolster loans, trade and international support in Egypt and in Tunisia, where uprisings led to dictators being overturned. Protesters in Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and other nations have endured brutal setbacks.

What could go wrong?

Bin Laden also praised the revolutions sweeping the Arab World.

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