Monday Weiner Roast… NY Post Doesn’t Believe Rep. Weiner Either

The New York Post reported on Anthony Weiner’s weener tweet to a coed.
They don’t much believe him either.

On Friday far left Rep. Anthony Weiner said his twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked. He said this after a picture of his penis was reportedly sent out to a young woman in Seattle.
Here’s her picture.

The New York Post reported:


Still, it appeared that Cordova and Weiner — a prolific user of social-networking sites who has run for mayor and indicated he will do so again — had some interaction on Twitter before.

Cordova began following Weiner on Twitter during the time his own tweets previously placed him in Seattle, and according to her statement, he began “following” her on the site, too.

Despite the quiet holiday weekend, Capitol Hill was buzzing about what quickly became known as Weinergate.

Some DC wonks were skeptical of Weiner’s hacking story and questioned the lack of a police report about a crime as serious as Internet identity theft, a Washington insider said.

The uncertainty was also fed by Weiner’s decision to quickly delete the posted photo — and every other photo connected to the account.

As for Cordova, she took her Twitter and Facebook pages down after her name surfaced in connection with the congressman.

Weiner’s rep, Dave Arnold, told The Post yesterday, “This is intended to be a distraction, and we’re not going to let it become one.

“Anthony’s accounts were obviously hacked. He doesn’t know the person named by the hacker, and we will be consulting on what steps to take next.”

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