Chris Matthews: GOP Meaner, Nastier & “Put the Heel to the Back of Your Neck” (Video)

This was nuts.
Socialist MSNBC host Chris Matthews whined today that the Republicans are “meaner and nastier” than their democratic colleagues. Yes, you heard that right.
This comes from the same guy who compared Republicans to North Korea’s Pyongyang Assembly.

Project much, Chris?

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The far left Mediaite website agreed with Tingles:


Following the censure of Charlie Rangel, Chris Matthews spent a segment on his program comparing how the conservative and liberal press handled the story. He then compared how they handled scandals involving conservatives like David Vitter and decided that conservative politicians and pundits are always “meaner.”

His guests, Ron Reagan and Politico’s Roger Simon agreed. Reagan pointed out how President Obama spoke of the “Slurpee Summit” as opposed to how Republican leaders did. Simon added “Republicans bring a gun to a knife fight” and compared Glenn Beck calling Obama a “racist” to liberal hosts who are “wry, sardonic, and witty” instead like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (not to get all “false equivalency,” but are they really the best direct comparison on the left to Beck?).

In the end, Matthews admitted that there were some nasty tactics on the left, just not as many on the right.

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