Al-Qaeda Cheers Qatar World Cup Decision

Al-Qaeda welcomed the decision this week by FIFA to hold the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
AU News reported, via ROP:

EXTREMISTS welcomed FIFA’s decision to have Qatar host the 2022 World Cup, predicting Al-Qaeda will establish an “Islamic State” in the Gulf region in the coming years, monitors said.

“You fools, know that Al-Qaeda is on the threshold of establishing the shariah (Islamic law) of Allah the Almighty,” a user who went by the name Hafeed al-Hussein posted on the Shumukh al-Islam online forum, according to the US-based SITE Intelligence Group.

“And who knows, Allah may empower al-Qaeda so that it takes control of matters after a year or two, or five years at most.


“In 2022, there is no country with the name Qatar, and there is no province called Kuwait and there is no Saudi (Arabia). Instead, there is an emirate called the Islamic State,” the post added.

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