State-Run Media Compares Conservative Christine O'Donnell to "Crook" Richard Nixon

Liberal Media Continues to Attack Christine O’Donnell…

Besides attacking her family and sending rogue TV crews to her office to snoop around, the media continued to mock this attractive conservative woman yesterday.

After years of ignoring Barack Obama’s Marxist background, his radical anti-American associates and his racist quotes, the media finds itself digging up every last word this young attractive conservative woman has uttered over the past 20 years.
O’Donnell made the headlines on Yahoo again yesterday.

After O’Donnell defended herself Yahoo called it “an unusual ad.”
And, here’s how they reported on O’Donnell’s first ad- They compared her to Nixon:

Pundits and political reporters likened the O’Donnell ad’s opening statement to President Richard Nixon’s Watergate-era pronouncement, “I am not a crook.” Commentators are still divided over whether the spot is a rhetorical misfire — or a canny means of defusing the negative image of O’Donnell as a crank candidate with a history of loose-cannon declarations on a wide range of cultural and political issues.

There are certainly plenty of statements out there that her Democratic opponent, Christopher Coons, can cite to make the case that O’Donnell, a marketing consultant, isn’t ready for Washington. O’Donnell told Fox host Bill O’Reilly that scientists created mice that possess human brains and asked on Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect,” “Why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?”

But those televised remarks aren’t the main strategic challenge facing O’Donnell, most political observers agree. Rather, O’Donnell has to overcome the perception that her ideological beliefs make her too extreme for the moderate and Democratic-leaning state.

And, on it goes.
The media continues to attack this attractive conservative woman.
Meanwhile, her opponent Chris Coons has declared himself a committed Marxist.
For some reason, the state-run media does not have a problem with that.

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