Hit Piece Backfires… Sleazy Carnahan Camp Caught in Web of Lies

Anyone who has worked on a campaign knows that the story the Carnahan camp is feeding the press on their sleazy Ed Martin hit piece cannot be true. Paid political operatives do not disobey the political wishes of their clients. The Missouri Record looks at the facts behind Sleazegate

“Did Russ Carnahan Just Pull a Jeff Smith?”

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Update from Reboot Congress:

Complete video from Ed Martin’s press conference on Thursday:

The key quote from the video comes from Marie Kenyon. Marie is a life-long Democrat who worked with Ed at the Archdiocese. Here’s part of her statement:

What was said about Ed in the video is simply not true. Anyone who knows the Catholic church knows lay employees have no say-so, no responsibility whatsoever in priestly claimants. They just don’t.

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