Far Left Missouri Official & Goon Squad Leader Stays True to Obama

Barack Obama may have lost the confidence of the American people with his radical policies that have tripled the national deficit and nearly doubled the unemployment rate but, he hasn’t lost Missouri State Auditor and former goon squad leader Susan Montee.

Susan Montee was the first statewide Missouri official to endorse Barack Obama for President. She is an ardent supporter of his big government policies including Obamacare and the bailout.
(Susan Montee, Columbia Missourian, “Obama best candidate to represent Missouri,” 8/6/2007)

In 2008, Montee led the Obama “Truth Squad” in Missouri.
(Post-Dispatch, “Montee part of Obama ‘truth squad’ in Missouri,” 1/28/2008)


In 2007-2008 Montee campaigned for Obama in six states, sometimes even skipping work to campaign for him.
(Post-Dispatch, “Unpledged doesn’t mean neutral, Montee says,” 4/10/2008)

Montee still remains faithful to the Obama administration.

That’s why we must support Tom Schweich.
You can help Tom Schweich defeat this Missouri liberal by donating to his campaign here. Schweich has the endorsements of Former UN Ambassador John Bolton, Mitt Romney, John Ashcroft and Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder- and several other conservative leaders.

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