Sarah Palin Releases "Mama Grizzlies" Internet Ad

Sarah Palin released her “Mama Grizzlies” internet ad today establishing 2010 as the year of the conservative woman. The ad seeks to build up the Palin brand as a fiercely independent mom who isn’t going to stand by and let the Obama-Pelosi Regime run her down.

From the video:

“This year will be remembered as a year when common sense conservative women get things done for our country,”

“All across this country, women are standing up and speaking out for common sense solutions.”

“These policies coming out of D.C. right now, this fundamental transformation of America — well a lot of women concerned about their kids’ futures are saying we don’t like this fundamental transformation and we’re going to do something about it,”

“That’s why we’re seeing, with all these women who are banding together rising up saying, ‘No, this isn’t right for our kids and for our grand-kids and we’re going to do something about this.'”

“We’re going to turn this thing around. We’re going to get our country back on the right track,”

“Look out Washington, cause there’s a whole stampede of elephants crossing the line and the e.t.a. for them stampeding through is November 2, 2010.”

Please take a minute to sign the petition to support Sarah Palin as Chair of the RNC.

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