Los Angeles to Boycott Arizona… Maybe It's Time for Arizona to Cut Off Their Lights?

The Los Angeles City Council voted today to boycott Arizona over its new immigration law.
Reuters reported:

City Council members who voted 13-1 in favor of the punitive measure said it could affect about $8 million in contracts with Arizona, but Los Angeles must first decide which of those agreements it can break without triggering lawsuits.

Another $50 million in contracts will remain in place but the council directed city department heads to refrain from doing future business with Arizona or companies headquartered there whenever possible.

A spokesman for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer responded to the boycott later today.
The BBC reported:

A spokesman for Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer called the boycott “thoughtless and harmful”.

“It also appears that the Los Angeles city council appears hopelessly out of touch with most of America on this issue,” spokesman Paul Senseman said in a statement.

Maybe the LA council members forgot who supplies the city with electricity. 44% to 50% of the city’s electricity comes from neighboring states including Arizona. The Hoover Dam in Arizona has been providing electricity for Los Angeles since 1936. Los Angeles receives about 6% of its electricity from hydropower, most coming from Hoover Dam in Arizona. Another estimate says approximately 10-12 percent of the city’s electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants, with Hoover Dam, located along the Colorado River in Arizona, making up the bulk of this supply.

Los Angeles Department of Power and Water (LADWP) currently generates 50 percent of its electricity from coal power plants (another estimate says 44%) located in Nevada, Arizona and Utah making it one of the dirtiest publicly owned utilities in the country.

Arizona needs to show those idiots who the boss is.
Turn out their lights.

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