Fred Thompson on Obama: When His True Thoughts & Feelings Come Out, That Concerns Me More Than Anything Else (Video)

Former Senator Fred Thompson spoke at the Preserving American Liberty “Winning Back America” Conference in Independence, Missouri today. Thompson was asked about Obama’s income– too much. He said he is concerned most when President Obama goes off his TelePrompter and his real thoughts and feelings come out.

Question from Darla Jaye, host, 980 KMBZ: How much income is too much, Fred?

Fred Thompson: What does the president make?

Darla Jaye: About five million dollars.

Fred Thompson: Whatever salary he makes, that’s too much for him… This is a guy who’s made several million dollars in the past few years. He’s done two things. He’s during his life. He’s been a community organizer and politician and he’s written two books, both about himself. In all seriousness… sometimes the president gets off script and his true thoughts and feelings come out. He really believes this. That’s what concerns me more than anything else.

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