Young Conservative Kid Asks For Help in Defeating Proposition A Tax Hike

John Burns, the 26-year-old treasurer for the Citizens for Better Transit, is asking for help.

Burns is leading the charge to defeat a proposal to bump the sales tax in St. Louis County.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:

“Proposition A is an example of a socialist ballot initiative that would be perfect to fight against!” Burns, 26, of Shrewsbury, told the assembled crowd through a bullhorn. “That’s why I started Citizens for Better Transit. We need your help!”

Just as the Tea Party movement did on the national level a little over a year ago, Burns has emerged from nowhere to serve as one of the most recognizable faces of the opposition to Proposition A, which would raise the county sales tax by a half-cent to help fund the Metro transit agency.

Proponents of Proposition A have reported more than $500,000 in campaign contributions and more than 140 endorsements for the April 6 vote. Burns figures he will have about $150 in his campaign war chest.

Please help the kid out.


MONEY BOMB: Help Citizens for Better Transit Defeat Proposition A, the METRO TAX!!


Dear Patriots,

As you know, Citizens for Better Transit has taken a stand against BIG GOVERNMENT in St. Louis. We’re working hard to defeat Proposition A, a regressive sales tax that hurts families through a massive tax increase, and reduces transportation options for the poor and elderly.

Our campaign DESPERATELY needs money for our last minute push for getting out the vote to defeat Prop A on April 6th.

The pro-tax campaign has us outgunned. We NEED YOUR HELP NOW. Don’t let these SOCIALIST CLOWNS DEFEAT LIBERTY.

We’re quickly becoming peasants. The government is bankrupting our country and squeezing the middle class dry through massive taxation on healthcare and a million other taxes…taxes like Proposition A, the Metro Tax.

On the local level, Prop A is a wasteful tax that hurts all of us. It’s a sales tax that increases the cost of groceries and darn near everything else.

PLEASE! Donate whatever you are able to donate. Every penny counts.

Bill Hennessy and theSt. Louis Tea Party Coalition are big supporters of Citizens for Better Transit.

Without YOUR HELP, we’re sunk. PLEASE donate now and tell your other friends in freedom to do the same.

Thank you!!! Remember, on April 6th, VOTE NO, on PROP A!

Thank you.

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