GOP Returns Pelosi's "Christmas Present" Back to the House

The GOP returned far left Speaker Pelosi’s “Christmas present” back to the House last night. Republicans forced the legislation back to the House of Representatives lated last night over after they won a key parliamentary ruling.
The Hill reported:

Senate Democrats defeated 29 straight Republican amendments to the Democratic healthcare reconciliation bill before losing a key parliamentary ruling in Thursday’s early hours that will force the legislation back to the House of Representatives.

Senate Parliamentarian Alan Frumin sustained two GOP objections to two minor sections of a Pell Grant provision in the student loan part of the bill intended to change the original healthcare reform bill passed by both chambers.

The Senate held 10 hours of continuous, marathon voting starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday, with Republicans trying throughout to lodge a successful objection to the bill to force its return to the lower chamber. The bill’s passage by the House is a safe bet, prompting Senate GOP Whip Jon Kyl (Ariz.) to call Frumin’s ruling “a consolation prize.”

Democrats said Frumin’s ruling was expected and that any verdict of a Republican victory was an exaggeration.

Related… This news just keeps getting worse and worse for democrats… Massachusetts politicians are angry that the medical-device tax in the bill will force thousands of Massachusetts jobs overseas.

UPDATE: Here’s a list of amendments proposed by Senate Republicans that were shot down by Democrats.

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