Liveblogging National Tea Party Convention – Friday AM

Businessman, democracy activist and Memphis Tea Party organizer Mark Skoda was one of the opening speakers this morning in Nashville.

Smart Girl Politics led a breakout session this morning on “Conducting a Voter Registration Drive.” One of Smart Girl Politics goals is to focus on educating conservative women. As part of that goal, SGP members members Michelle Moore (r) and Bridget Blanton led the meeting.

Michelle Moore, SGP Director of Technology, and Bridget Blanton, SGP National Voter Registration Coordinator, led the training session at the event focusing on Women in Politics and Voter Registration. Michelle Moore will be tweeting the conference this weekend. The Smart Girls give a voice to smart, strong, well-informed conservative women. The Smart Girls are the women who will take back this country.

Smart Girl Politics is committed to providing a conservative community for women to express their opinions and ideas in an open and welcoming environment. SGP is dedicated to reaching out into the community to engage, educate, and empower conservative women to take a more active role in politics. And finally, we will debate and develop clear positions that encourage conservative activism in order to counter the negative activity of popular culture that is often found in the main stream media.


Michelle opened up the session and was terrific. She made St. Louis proud. Michelle said she found a home in Smart Girl Politics. She says she is inspired and empowered by the strong women of this movement.

Bridget Blanton stressed that to build on the success of the recent conservative wins in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts voter registration and get out the vote efforts will be critical in this year’s elections. We need to get people registered and out to the polls. We need people on the ground. We need a consistent voter registration in each community to promote your group, tea party and increase the number of local supporters. A positive message of freedom and limited government led to the wins in recent months. We must be courageous and stand up for what we believe and we can do this with voter registration. It is important for conservatives to get active today. Bridget has been registering voters for years and knows how it is done. She has spent hours and hours out attending community events in California signing up voters. Bridget is a real conservative hero.

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