Scott Brown: "I Spoke to Interim Senator Paul Kirk & He Has Completed His Work" (Video)

From Senator Scott Brown’s Victory Speech: The first call I made was to his wife Vicki Kennedy. I honor the memory and pledge to be the very best and try to be a worthy successor to the late Edward Kennedy.

We ran a race that made all of us proud. I thought it was me against the machine. I was wrong, it was all of us against the machine. And now we are the machine.

I spoke to interim Senator Paul Kirk and he has completed his work as a senator. I want to thank him and the people as you know by the votes have filled the office themselves and I am ready to go to Washington without delay.

The crowd was chanting, “Gas up the truck… Gas up the truck.”


It means a lot to me that my mom, dad and brothers and sisters. His wife and daughters and neighbors back home.

When I spoke to the president I asked him if he’d like me to drive my truck down to Washington DC so he could see it.

Senator Brown thanked Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain.

Here’s more from Scott Brown’s speech, via The Corner:

Fellow citizens, what happened in this election can happen all over America. We are witnesses, you and I, to the truth that ideals, hard work, and strength of heart can overcome any political machine. We ran a campaign never to be forgotten, and led a cause that deserved and received all that we could give it.

And now, because of your independence, and your trust, I will hold for a time the seat once filled by patriots from John Quincy Adams to John F. Kennedy and his brother Ted. As I proudly take up the duty you have given me, I promise to do my best for Massachusetts and America every time the roll is called.

I go to Washington as the representative of no faction or interest, answering only to my conscience and to the people. I’ve got a lot to learn in the Senate, but I know who I am and I know who I serve.

I’m Scott Brown,

I’m from Wrentham,

I drive a truck, and I am nobody’s senator but yours.

Thank you very much.

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