Kook WaPo Reporter: Scott Brown Is Ahead Because He's a Hunk & Posed Semi-Nude 20 Years Ago (Video)

And, she’s considered a respectable reporter in Washington circles?
Sally Quinn, the religion writer at the Washington Post who likes to stick her nose in politics, told Bill O’Reilly that Scott Brown is ahead because he’s a hunk and posed in Cosmo semi-nude 20 years ago.

“It think that there are a number of factors here. It’s not quite as black and white as it may seem. First of all Scott Brown is a hunk. And, I think that the fact that he posed semi-nude for a magazine gave him a huge advantage in public recognition.”

Umm- Scott Brown posed semi-nude for Cosmopolitan 20 years ago, Sally.
Bill O’Reilly has a field day:


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