Andrew Breitbart Strong Arms Media Matters Over Fistgate Scandal

Yesterday, the Soros-linked Media Matters defended Barack Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings after it was revealed that his GLSEN conference was giving children tips on fisting.
Yes. It is shocking to see the depths these people will stoop to to defend a degenerate.

Today Andrew Breitbart let them have it on his Twitter account.

Here is one tweet directed at Media Matters founder and White House puppetmaster and chairman of the Obama-Biden Transition Project John Podesta:
breitbart fist
“John Podesta, as puppetmaster of left, will you get your hands around FistGate & get to bottom of it: @mmfa


Here’s another one:

“EARACHE (Eric) BOEHLERT? You don’t find something stinky about this Obama Safe Sex Czar ‘Fisting for Teens’ story? @mmfa

Here’s another:

“Perils of Not Vetting Prez, MCLVII: Creates SafeSchoolCzar & Appoints Fella Fixed on Teaching Fisting to Minors:

There’s much more here.
Serves them right.

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