Truth Czar Joe Wilson Tells Supporters: Dem's Health Care Bill Will "Bankrupt the Country"

Protesters greeted Joe Wilson at his meeting in Aiken, South Carolina.

Of course, they couldn’t accuse him of being dishonest over his outburst in Congress. They could only accuse him of being rude. (Augusta Chronicle)

Truth Czar Rep. Joe Wilson told supporters in Aiken, South Carolina on Saturday that he would not be muzzled. The ‘tell it like it is’ representative told supporters that the democrat’s health bill will bankrupt the country.
The Augusta Chronicle reported:

U.S. Rep Joe Wilson said he wanted to make it clear Saturday that Republicans have an alternative to the Democrats’ health care bill.

The congressman spoke to between 150 and 200 supporters, and a few protesters, at the Aiken County Republican Party headquarters in downtown Aiken. Mr. Wilson, whose 2nd Congressional District includes portions of eastern and southern Aiken County, did not speak on the incident that drew international attention.

“I do want to be heard, and I will not be muzzled,” he said. “We as Republicans have a positive agenda, and an alternative to the House bill I believe will bankrupt the country.”

Mr. Wilson said his colleagues have proposed House Bill 3400 as a solution to providing health insurance reform rather than government-run health care. The bill has six fundamental principles — accessibility, affordability, choice, innovation, quality and portability. The plan encourages employers to offer discounts for employees with healthy habits, suggests health courts as a way to avoid frivolous lawsuits and offers citizens tax dollars back through credits and deductions to purchase affordable health care, Mr. Wilson said.

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