Halleluiah! Obama Offers Iran "Serious Meaningful Dialogue"

Horray. One day after admitting to a secret nuclear facility Obama offers Iran serious meaningful dialogue.

Nothing was going to stop this from happening.
Obama was going to hold talks with the killer regime no matter what.
Stealing the presidential election couldn’t do it. Killing innocent democracy protesters on the street couldn’t do it. Admitting to a secret nuclear facility couldn’t do it. Killing American soldiers at war couldn’t do it.

Mr. Magic Man was going to have serious meaningful dialogue with the Iranians no-matter-what. Nothing was going to stop this from happening.
The AP reported:


President Barack Obama is offering Iran “a serious, meaningful dialogue” over its disputed nuclear program, while warning Tehran of grave consequences from a united global front.

“Iran’s leaders must now choose — they can live up to their responsibilities and achieve integration with the community of nations. Or they will face increased pressure and isolation, and deny opportunity to their own people,” Obama said in his radio and Internet address Saturday.

Hours later, Iran’s nuclear chief told state TV that his country would allow the U.N. nuclear agency to inspect Iran’s newly revealed and still unfinished uranium enrichment facility. Ali Akbar Salehi didn’t specify when inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency could visit. He said the timing would be worked out with the U.N. watchdog.

Obama said in his address that evidence of Iran’s building the underground plant “continues a disturbing pattern of Iranian evasion” that jeopardizes global nonproliferation.

Ahead of Thursday’s international talks with Iran in Geneva, Obama said the world “is more united than ever before” on this issue. Those negotiations, he said, “now take on added urgency.”

Iran’s failure to comply with international inspectors raised the potential of tougher economic penalties, although Obama and administration officials did not rule out military action.

Of course, this will be the first time that the United States and world has ever held “serious meaningful dialogue” with the Iranian Regime concerning their nuclear program.
In Obama’s eyes anyway.

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Anna Bayefsky from EYE on the UN added this:

President Obama knew that if the magnitude of the Iranian threat were revealed on Thursday, the emptiness of his resolution would have been embarrassingly obvious and his cover blown.

In public, at the highest levels of the U.N, he heralded generalities as significant. In private, he was petitioning lower levels of the U.N. to act on startling specifics of the Iranian threat.

Why did the president not present this same evidence to the Security Council, the body with “the authority and the responsibility to respond”? Why did he not challenge world leaders to deal with the same Iranian threat that he privately was pressing upon U.N. bureaucrats?

There is only one possible answer: President Obama does not have the political will to do what it takes to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb.

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