FOX News All Star Bill Kristol on Van Jones: Jim Hoft in St. Louis Who Runs Gateway Pundit Blog Did More Reporting On This Than Entire MSM (Video)

The FOX News All Stars discussed the Van Jones resignation this morning on FOX News Sunday.
Bill Kristol gave a nice plug to this blog for the breaking information on Obama’s commie-Truther Van Jones:

Thank You Karim for loading this video.

Bill Kristol on the resignation of commie-Truther Van Jones:

“I think it would have been better if he were fired by the president once he found out more about Mr. Jones’s background than waiting for him to resign because we all agreed that he had to go.”

“But, I was amused by this fact. If you just read the New York Times you would know nothing about this. The mainstream media did not cover this story. You wouldn’t learn about it on network news. The New York Times readers tomorrow morning are going to pick up the print New York Times and for the first time discover that there was a huge controversy about this radical who was quite at a high level at the White House. So its a an interesting case study I think where some of the blogs, a guy named Jim Hoft in St. Louis, Missouri who runs a blog called Gateway Pundit did much more reporting on this than the entire mainstream media.”

Thanks Bill Kristol.
To be fair I had some great tips from readers and commenters.
Thanks to you all.

And, to be fair, there were several bloggerss who reported on this scandal.
Glenn Beck hammered Van Jones all week.
…And, Breitbart TV and Naked Emperor News posted some devastating Van Jones’ video clips.

Ed Morrissey has more on the state-run media’s protectionist reporting.

Bummer. This must mean that the MSM will never get around reporting on Van Jones’ crazy musical collaboration with Mumia Abu Jamal.
That’s too bad.

Here again…
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