White House: Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes & 2007 Video… Obama Wants to Keep Your Private Health Insurance

Yesterday, the Drudge Report posted this video by Naked Emporer News of Barack Obama admitting in 2007 his Health Care Plan will ELIMINATE private insurance.

Today, Linda Douglass, the communications director for the White Houses Health Reform Office and former network television correspondent, addressed this story that President Obama intends to eliminate private coverage.

This is possibly the weakest rebuttal to a media attack in White House history.
Douglass tells you not to believe your lying eyes and his 2007 speech…
Believe what Dear Leader said last month instead. Douglass complains Obama’s previous statements on health care were taken out of context, but she fails to offer any context:

In other words, don’t believe the promises Dear Leader made during the campaign, believe what he said last month while pushing Obamacare legislation.


Remember: Obama also claimed he was a moderate during the campaign.

More… The comments on YouTube are priceless including this one:


you seriously make me sick. Lies and more spending. This video only makes americans see how scared your adminstration really is. I can smell the blood in the water. Lets make it very clear that this is just another way for the goverment to control us this has nothing to do with health care reform. And if you think this is such a great idea all goverment officials including yourself should be one.

Still More… No surprise, The Politico is spinning for Dear Leader.

NewsBusters has the complete transcript from 2007 that the White House does not want you to see.

UPDATE: Power Line asks, “Is this the best they can do?”

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