A New Magnolia Tree

Last week my dear mother passed away in my home where she had lived for the past 8 years.
I mentioned that my mother Dorothy loved God, her nine children and the magnolia tree in the backyard.

This afternoon when I returned home from her burial in Iowa I came in the back door. When I came out front to get the mail I saw this–
A new magnolia tree.

Members from the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition had the tree delivered to my home.
Thank you Bill Hennessey, Dana Loesch, Darrin, Michelle, Carl Bearden, Ed, Kevin Jackson and John and Gina Loudon.
That tore me up.

And, thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, emails and comments this weekend.
And, a special thanks also to Midwest Engineer for helping me out here on the blog while I was away.
Blogging will resume this evening.


More… My friend Beto Ochoa offered this poem:

The evening breeze has come to call
And found the new Magnolia here
It soft caresses through the boughs
And speaks in gentle whispers

I listen as it tells the bud
Of all the times it’s passed this way
About God’s creatures living here
How they too will calling come

And how it will at times be stern
With blustering and flashing fire
But now this first caress it gives
As shadows creep across the ground

All in God’s time the breeze will move
And bloweth where it listeth
Yet whence it comes and whither it goes
Is of the Spirit born

Thank you, Beto.

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