Rep. Roy Blunt Urges Congress & Dear Leader to Enroll in Obamacare (Video)

This Ought to Go Over Like a Lead Balloon–
Kevin Jackson, a local Tea Party Patriot, asked Rep. Russ Carnahan at a town hall meeting in St. Louis yesterday if Congress would be forced on Obamacare:

“If it’s so good, why doesn’t Congress have to be on it?”

Well, Carnahan did not have an answer and blew off the protesters.
But, Congressman Roy Blunt heard him.
Today Roy Blunt suggested that all federal elected officials be required to enlist into Obamacare:

Rep. Blunt urged the House to join Americans and enlist in Obamacare:

“But Mr. Speaker, if the Energy & Commerce Committee had continued to work today, I would have introduced an amendment to require all federal elected officials, including the president and vice-president, to set aside our health care benefits and enroll in their new idea of a government-run health care system.”

This is a similar amendment to the Coburn amendment which passed in the House.
The Wall Street Journal:


“Let’s demonstrate leadership — and confidence in the system — by requiring that every member of Congress go into it,” Mr. Coburn told his colleagues as they were marking up the health care proposal championed by Senator Ted Kennedy. His idea wasn’t exactly greeted warmly by many public plan supporters. Senator Jeff Bingaman, a New Mexico Democrat, responded: “I don’t know why we should require ourselves to participate in a plan that no one else needs to participate in. This bill goes to great lengths to show that the choice is there for everybody.”

But Mr. Coburn disagreed, saying his reading of the 1,000-page health care bill convinced him that everyone would end up being forced into the public plan as private insurance carriers were squeezed out of the market by mandates and regulations. Therefore, if Congress decides a government-run health plan is good enough for the American people, it should be willing to put itself under its care umbrella.

By a 12 to 11 margin, the Senate Health Committee agreed. Senator Chris Dodd, the committee’s acting chairman, and Senator Kennedy were absent from the committee but sent in proxy votes in favor. Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski was the only other Democrat to back the measure. Every Republican save for New Hampshire’s Judd Gregg voted in favor of the Coburn mandate.

Oh, and … Roy Blunt is running against liberal Robin Carnahan, Russ’s sister, who has not yet taken a real position on the health care bill.

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