Kids Shown Video of Mother's Suicide Blast In Hamas TV Special

Hamas Celebrates a Mother’s Suicide Blast With Her Children–
Hamas TV produced a special broadcast in which the two young children of a female suicide terrorist were invited to the TV studio to watch a video re-enactment of their mother’s suicide bombing.

Via Palestinian Media Watch

Hamas TV airs live reenactment of mother’s suicide bombing for her children.
YNet News reported:

A children show on Hamas’ TV network aired a special episode last week dedicated to female suicide bomber Reem Salah al-Riyashi.

The Palestinian woman blew herself up at the Erez Crossing in 2004, killing four Israelis.

Producers invited al-Riyashi’s children to the show, so they can see a live reenactment of their mother’s death in the terror attack. The shows host, a bear called Nasour, invited “martyr Riyashi’s children” to enter the studio, before they proceeded to watch a video accompanied by music.

The video features a woman building a bomb as her daughter watches. The child then asks: “Mom, what are you carrying in your arms instead of carrying me? Is it a toy or a gift for me?” The mother does not respond and is seen leaving the house, as her daughter sings to her: “Come back soon, mom.”

Later, the child in the video is seen watching a report about the bombing on television. “Instead of carrying me, you carried a bomb in your arms,” the child says. “Only now I know what was more important than us.”

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