"Student of History" Obama Wrong on Iranian Coup, Too

It figures.
Obama called himself a “student of history” yesterday during his apology speech to the Muslim World in Cairo.
Unfortunately, this student of Far Left nutwackery was wrong on the Iranian coup history he mentioned during his speech.
Judith Apter Klinghoffer at History News Network reported:

Yes, the US instigated a coup against Iranian prime minister Mosaddeq but President Obama was wrong to assert that “the United States played a role in the overthrow of a democratically elected Iranian government.” Far from it, the US overthrew a wannabe dictator who came to power because his predecessor was assassinated by Islamists, yes Islamists and following an election he suspended for fear he would lose it. Does anyone in the administration have access to the internet? I found this on a most obscure source known as Wikipedia.

What a shock.

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