HEAVY CLASHES IN TEHRAN!… Explosions Reported! (Video) …Update: Protester's Plea- "Please Pray for Us" …Update: Mousavi- Ready for Martyrdom

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The basij have their guns.

The protesters have courage.
Courage and preparation. (This photo was emailed from Iran today)

It’s too bad Barack Obama cut funding to the Iranian democracy activists.

Gunshots- The basij have opened fire on the crowds:

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The regime police are blocking Azadi Square and teargassing the protesters

Iranian police are massing at Azadi Square. (CBS News)

The police are massing at Revolution Square in Tehran.
CTV reported:

Supporters of Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi rallied in Tehran on Saturday, despite a threat by the government to crack down on demonstrators, witnesses reported.

The witnesses told the Associated Press that protesters are holding a number of smaller rallies to demand a new vote after last week’s national election gave President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a landslide victory.

Earlier Saturday, fire trucks parked around Revolution Square, while riot police descended on Tehran University, where protesters and security forces have previously clashed.

Police and members of the Basij militia flooded the streets of Tehran.

Iran Press News— AFP reports from Tehran, Zdshvrsh forces are widely deployed at Revolution Square. The basij forces are preventing the protests and beating the demonstrators.

There were loud protests last night– the people were on their rooftops screaming out against the regime.
Banafsheh translated: “The narrator is talking about WHERE IS THIS that no one helps us, where is this that we in our silence send our voices to the worlds’ ears, where is this that the young bleed and people just stand there and pray, where is this that the innocent people are referred to as trash by it’s leaders. THIS IS IRAN!”

Here is one of the first reports coming from Tehran–

Via FOX News

More video from the streets of Tehran — Here.

UPDATE: A plea from the TehranBureau.com’s twitter feed–

i’m dying with worry. please pray for us. 13 minutes ago from web

i’m worried 14 minutes ago from web

she hasn’t returned 14 minutes ago from web

my young sister has taken to the streets as well 14 minutes ago from web

things are horrible, please pray for us 14 minutes ago from web

Tehran today– fire & blood (Twitpic)

Iranian blog Revolutionary Road is following the developments from inside Iran.

Winston is reporting on rioting in Tabriz, Mashad, Isfahan, and Ahwaz.

UPDATE: Mousavi says he is ready for martyrdom.

Protesters and regime thugs clash in Tehran. (Iran Press News)

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