American Journalists Sentenced to 12 Years Hard Labor in North Korean Slave Camp

Smart Power. Two weeks ago Hillary Clinton welcomed the trial of American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee as good news.

Today the two Americans were sentenced to 12 years hard labor in a North Korean slave camp.
The two reporters were working for Al Gore.

Two American journalists Laura Ling, right, and Euna Lee were detained by North Korean soldiers while on a reporting trip in March near the country’s border with China, South Korean news reports said. (Yonhap/AP Photo)

My Pet Jawa reported that its likely that Kim Jong-il won’t consider releasing Ling and Lee without personal intervention by a high-profile individual and a payoff.


One Free Korea has word that Team Obama has already apologized for the reporter’s actions.

Smart Power– Hillary Clinton Welcomes Trial of US Journalists in North Korea

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