Obama Invited To Give Speech From Muslim Vatican

The Grand Mufit of Egypt invited Barack Obama to address the Muslim world from the Al Ashar Mosque in Cairo.
No non-Muslim has ever given a speech from the mosque.
The Daily Times reported:

The grand mufti of Egypt has invited US President Barack Obama to address Muslims around the globe from Egypt’s Al Azhar mosque – one of the most important mosques in the Muslim world. Al Masri Al Yawm, an Egyptian state-run newspaper, said Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa and other clerics from Al Azhar University invited Obama to use the mosque as the venue for the president’s upcoming visit, “explaining it would promote a culture of dialogue between Islam and the West”. It is highly unusual for a non-Muslim to speak at the mosque, according to World Net Daily news website, and an Egyptian official it contacted could not think of any non-Muslim world leader who had previously received an invitation. daily times monitor

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