Liz Cheney: Obama Administration Is Playing "Dishonest Game"

Those darned Cheneys… Don’t they know they’re not supposed to fight back against dishonest liberal attacks?

Liz Cheney was on Morning Joe to defend her father from the latest Far Left attacks from the Obama Administation and the press.
Cheney spoke out against Obama’s “dishonest game” of cherry-picking intelligence and releasing it to the liberal media.
WowOWow reported:

“I think that is very much the heart of the matter and I think because of that, he feels he has an obligation to speak out,” Ms. Cheney said. “My dad feels very strongly that the current administration is making us less safe … It would be the easiest thing in the world for him to just go fishing and spend time with his grandkids.”

Ms. Cheney also noted that former Vice President Al Gore was critical of the Bush administration when he left office, and Obama officials and Democrats never miss an opportunity to bash Bush, so why is Cheney getting all this flack?

“Nobody is sort of saying, ‘Gosh, the Obama administration needs to keep quiet about the Bush administration,’” she added.

She also agreed that the Obama administration is cherry-picking intelligence information to release — a charge echoed by Republicans who say the White House is only releasing memos on waterboarding and other intelligence documents that suit their political purposes. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-MI, just this week called on the intelligence community to declassify documents showing what members of Congress — including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA — were told about interrogation techniques and when.

The media needs to “hold the administration’s feet to the fire on this,” Ms. Cheney said. “People need to ask — when is the selective release of documents going to stop?… It’s really a dishonest game they’re playing.

The video is here.

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