Ruh-Roh… Pope Tells Muslims "True Religion" Rejects Violence

The Pope greets members of Cameroon’s Muslim community March 19. (CNS/Reuters)

Hide the children… Bar the doors…
Pope Benedict XVI just told Muslim leaders that true religion rejects violence.
Rioting and torchings to begin in three… two… one…
The NC Register and Free Republic reported:

Here’s an aspect of Pope Benedict XVI’s just-concluded trip to Africa that deserves to be much more than a forgotten footnote.

Speaking March 19 to Muslim leaders at the apostolic nunciature in Yaoundé, Cameroon, the Pope reminded them that true religion rejects violence because it violates both faith and reason.

Said the Holy Father, “I believe a particularly urgent task of religion today is to unveil the vast potential of human reason, which is itself God’s gift and which is elevated by revelation and faith. Belief in the one God, far from stunting our capacity to understand ourselves and the world, broadens it.”

…The Pope concluded his remarks by encouraging Muslims “to imbue society with the values that emerge from this perspective and elevate human culture, as we work together to build a civilization of love.”

These remarks demonstrate the Holy Father’s intellectual fearlessness

Surely the Muslim leaders will accept this feedback. Right?… Right?


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