A Look at Iran Before Jimmy Carter & the Ayatollahs (Video)

Before Jimmy Carter occupied the White House Iran was a close ally of the United States. Its society was open, progressive and tolerant. But, that was before Carter and his advisors, including Zbigniew Brzezinski, were elected. Brzezinski became one of the cheif architects of US policy to support Islamic fundamentalism and helped the evil Khomeini regime come to power.
And, we all know how well that worked out.

This video is a reminder of a different period in Iran when the Shah was in charge, women had rights, and Iran was a staunch American ally.
The first singer in the video is Farokhzad, he was assassinated by the Islamic Republic and cut into pieces.
You can see him at 3.04:

Video via Aryamehr

From the video:


This was Iran when the Shah ruled the country, as the King of Iran. His excellent leadership kept Iran safe from the enemy, especially during the Cold War when both Americans/British and Russians tried to gain influence in the region.

This was Iran, where people lived happily. Where men and women were equal. Where men and women were free to do whatever they wanted.

Iran was so much better. Iran was just progressing and becoming better day by day… people don’t look at the time when judging the Shah, they don’t care about what period he was ruling the country neither do they know anything about Iran or Iranian culture to even talk.

Iran was a victim of a ‘revolution’ in 1979 that was started and supported by the western powers. A long time propaganda effort was against His Imperial Majesty in the West including supporting of terrorist groups in Iran such as Aqvanhol Moslemin or communist groups, and sabotaging the Shah. Did you know that Arafat sent 1000’s of Palestinian soldiers dressed as the Imperial Army where they raped, killed, tortured people and then blamed it on the Shah? … This is all a start.

Today Brzezinski is back.
Hassan Daioleslam at the American Chronicle today reported on the Brzezinski’s influence on the Obama Administration:

For the past thirty years, a group of foreign policy experts, on top of them Brzezinski have downplayed the Mullahs´ threat and argued that the US and international community have no reason to adopt harsh policies toward Iran…

Now, once again the Iranian regime is at a turning point and is quickly reaching the nuclear threshold. Once again Brzezinski is in the forefront to downplay this threat and demand more generosity toward the Iranian Mullahs. The joyful reaction of Iranian regime´s newspaper to his testimony from one part and his record of misjudgment about Iran with catastrophic consequences from the other part is simply an awakening call for both Iranian and American people.

Hat Tip Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi

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