Bush Destroyed a Dictator & Regime… Clinton Installed One

President Bush liberated 50 million people.
…50 million persecuted people.

Democrats and the media long ago dismissed the absolute evil of the Hussein regime.
They don’t want the world to remember the torture and death under Saddam.
They don’t want the world to remember his links to terror.

This is actual footage of the aftermath of Halabja gas attacks back in 1988:
(Warning: Very Graphic)

Reporter Terry Lloyd enters Halabja, Iraq, escorted by Iranian Army officers after the poisonous gas attacks by the Saddam regime in 1988.

Instead, democrats and media focus on the evil hazing tactics at Gitmo.

And, the liberal media would like you to forget that just as George Bush destroyed a dictator, Bill Clinton installed one.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

As President George W. Bush prepares to leave office amid a media chorus of reproach and derision, there is at least one comparison with his predecessor that speaks greatly in his favor. Mr. Bush removed the most ruthless dictator of his day, Saddam Hussein, thereby offering Iraqi citizens the possibility of self-rule. Bill Clinton’s analogous achievement in the Middle East was to help install Yasser Arafat, the greatest terrorist of his day, as head of a proto-Palestinian state.

This is not how these events are generally perceived. The image that still looms in the public mind is that of President Clinton, peacemaker, standing between Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin in the Rose Garden on Sept. 13, 1993. With the best intentions, Mr. Clinton had worked hard for this peace agreement and would continue to strive for its success, hosting the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization at the White House more than any other foreign leader.

But the “peace process” almost immediately reversed its stated expectations. Emboldened by his diplomatic victory, Arafat adopted Islamist terminology and openly preached jihad. The casualties suffered by Israel in the years following the Oslo Accords exceeded those of previous decades, and dangers to Israel and the world have increased exponentially ever since. This so-called peace agreement rewarded terrorist methods as fail-safe instruments of modern warfare, and accelerated terrorist attacks on other democratic countries. Though Mr. Clinton did not foresee these consequences, his speech at the signing ceremony betrayed the self-deception on which the agreement was based.

There’s more at the WSJ.

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