Iran Warns Arab States Not to Interfere With Nuclear Case

The Iranian regime on Friday threatened the Arab States not to interfere with Iran’s nuclear case.
Fars News reported:

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani here on Friday called on Arab states not to interfere in Iran’s nuclear case.

“Arab states are advised not to interfere in Iran’s nuclear case, thus harming their prestige,” the Islamic republic news agency quoted Larijani as saying in an address to a group of congregational prayers leaders on Friday.

Larijani said Arabs should be careful not to enter the race by the failed US.


He said the states can not solve their problems in connection with Iran through such accusations as defense of terrorism.

“We are sorry that certain US leaders claim Iran’s sin is defending Hezbollah and Hamas, while we are proud of supporting Hezbollah and Hamas.

“We definitely support Lebanese resistance and Gaza people in the region because as a revolutionary country, we should be sensitive towards such issues,” the Iranian speaker added.

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