GOON SQUAD Hired By School to Monitor Dining Hall Dialogue

The students will be forced to talk about social issues over mashed potatoes.

A college has hired goon squad monitors to encourage correct student dialogue on social issues.
The National Post reported:

Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, has hired six students whose jobs as “dialogue facilitators” will involve intervening in conversations among students in dining halls and common rooms to encourage discussion of such social justice issues as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and social class.

“If there’s a teachable moment, we’ll take it,” said assistant dean of student affairs Arig Girgrah, who runs the program. “A lot of community building happens around food and dining.”

She gave the example of a conversation about a gay character on television as a good example of such a moment.

David Thompson has more on these goon squad dining hall monitors.

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