The women of Code Pink, including top Barack Obama bundler Jodie Evans are currently hobnobbing with representatives of the awful Iranian regime in Tehran.

They posted about their adventures at the Code Pink blog yesterday and included this photo from Tehran:

Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, Col. Ann Wright and top Obama bundler Jodie Evans in Tehran.

They are having a marvelous time blasting the US and ranting about how terrible the Bush regime is to their Iranian hosts.
Truly, there is no anti-American regime that is too awful for this bunch.


But, not everyone was happy to hear about their trip to Iran.
Iranian Zahra Sharifi left this comment last night:

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But, that was just the start…
The floodgates were opened.
I copied screenshots of the comments here in case they get deleted at the Code Pink Blog.

This was posted by Takekaze today:

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DMartyr said:

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HipsterVacuum added:

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That was just at 4:40 PM CST.
There have been more comments added since then!
The dimwits of Code Pink are still getting feedback on their awful stunt.

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