Nice… Leading Dem Blog Pokes Fun of "Grinning Corpse" McCain

The Leading Democratic Blog poked fun of John McCain the “Grinning Corpse” today:

Daily Kos, the most popular Democratic website that hosted all of the candidates at their convention this past year, is poking fun of John McCain’s teeth:

Some people should not make a habit of smiling. On most people it looks good; some, though, seem not to have the proper face for the task. When John McCain smiles, the look is reminiscent of a skull wrapped tightly in a large wet sock. He smiles so rarely during speeches that it is disconcerting; he does it with such a pained grimace that it is very nearly frightening.

What the Daily Kos article does not tell you is that McCain does not have the prettiest smile today because his North Vietnamese torturers smashed his teeth down to his gums.

Maybe the mainstream media will make this their headline tomorrow?
They did with that crazy Daily Kos attack on Governor Palin’s baby, so why not?

Keep It Classy, Democrats.

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