Media Continues to Air Far Left Sexist Attacks On Palin

The media continued to pound Sarah Palin yesterday after the news of their daughter’s pregnancy.

And, the media even repeated the loony Far Left conspiracy theory that Palin’s Down Syndrome baby was actually her daughter’s!
For women under 30, the odds of having a Down Syndrome baby is 1 in a 1,000.
For women over 42 the odds are 1 in 60.

But, that didn’t keep the wackjobs from repeating this strange attack on Palin’s motherhood. And, it didn’t stop the media from repeating it.
In this video the AP included that loopy Far Left attack in their report on Palin:

It’s one thing to find yourself facing the challenge of raising a handicapped child.
It’s another thing entirely when the liberal media and their Far Left blogging sources attack you and and repeat lies about that handicapped child.


New sexist attacks– Today MSNBC reported that because Palin’s daughter is pregnant- that the governor must not have been vetted.

TPM calls the daughter’s pregnancy “a meltdown” for the female VP candidate and mother.

The New York Times continues its misogynistic reporting on Palin with the headline:

“In Political Realm, ‘Family Problem’ Emerges as Test”

When was the last time they used that headline with a male or liberal candidate?

One Far Left blogger thinks Palin should drop out because she has a daughter who is pregnant. (It’s not clear if this nutroots blogger would feel that way if Bristol Palin killed her baby with an abortion.)

The rest of America does not seem to mind the averageness of the Palin family.
It probably won’t help the liberal media and Far Left bloggers to continue their sexist attacks on this new mother of a handicapped child with a pregnant daughter.
But, it won’t stop them, either.

More… It’s interesting how the liberal media can spend sooo much time and resources on 17 year-old Bristol Palin but still hasn’t investigated the Obama-Ayers scandal.
Funny how that works.

Michelle Malkin has more on the sexist attacks on Palin.

HotAir notes that the Daily Kooks have taken down their disgusting smear on Palin.

Confederate Yankee wonders what day will Far Left, inexperienced, terror friendly Obama drop out from the race for AmeriKKKan president?

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty nailed it:

“In 72 hours, the media has subjected Bristol Palin to more scrutiny than they’ve given to Barack Obama in two years.”

Anyone who doesn’t see this, is blind.

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