Joe Biden Refused to Join Anti-Ahmadinejad Rally at UN With Sarah Palin

Senator Joe Biden, who has a history of meeting with shady Iranian characters, refused to join the anti-Ahmadinejad rally on Monday at the United Nations.
The Barack Obama Campaign said he had a prior commitment.

Jennifer Rubin at Commentary Magazine reported:

COMMENTARY has learned that Joe Biden was invited to the event in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s refusal to appear on the same stage as Palin — and he declined. In an e-mail to me, Biden spokesman David Wade said that “we’ve had longstanding commitment to speak at National Guard Convention on Monday in Maryland.”

After that, the decision was made to disinvite Palin — who is, let us recall, the chief executive of one of the 50 state of the union as well as the vice-presidential candidate of one of the two major parties in the United States. According to Ben Smith of Politico:

The appearance that the non-partisan group was aligning with the Republican ticket put the group and its president, Malcolm Hoenlein, under heavy pressure from Jewish Democrats, including members of the conference, members of Congress, and the liberal group J Street, not to give Palin a platform, sources said. Hoenlein told the McCain campaign that he would have to rescind Palin’s invitation or cancel the rally.

Senator Joe Biden has a long history of supporting shady Iranian characters.

In April 2007 Biden joined a group of US Senators to meet with Iran’s envoy to the United Nations Javad Zarif. Obama’s running mate praised the “user-friendly” face of the brutal Iranian regime that is responsible for killing hundreds of US soldiers in Iraq.

Controversial Iranian regime sympathizers held a fundraiser for Joe Biden in 2002 and raised an estimated $24,000 to $30,000 for the Delaware senator.

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