Alert: Very Dangerous Serial Killer Nicholas Sheley Loose in St. Louis– Seen at Cardinal's Game …Update: Captured

He Told His Ex-wife He Had More Killing To Do

Nicholas Sheley is wanted as a suspect in the murder of 8 people in the last few days including a couple in Festus, Missouri, just south of St. Louis. His victims include a 93 year-old man whose body was found stuffed in a trunk last week in Sterling, Illinois.

This was just sent to me:
Sheley was last spotted Monday night around 11:30 p.m. in St. Louis around Busch Stadium.
There was a Cardinal’s game last night that was getting over at this time.

There is possibly a serial killer in our area. He has killed 8 people in the last few days, two of those being a couple in Festus that the Major Case Squad is currently investigating. We do not know what he is driving at this time, however, he was spotted at Busch Stadium during a ball game last night and a truck he had stolen during the Festus murders was recovered inSt. LouisCityas well. Further information will be forthcoming in an Intelligence Bulletin. He has bludgeoned all of his victims so far, HOWEVER, he may now be armed with a 9mm pistol that he took from the couple in Festus. He may be back in route to the Chicago area, but that is unknown at this time. He has stated to his ex-wife that he has more killing to do. He is a meth addict and extremely dangerous. Use extreme caution if encountered.

Nicholas Sheley W/M DOB: 7/31/1979 510 150 lbs.


Here is an earlier report:

This report says that his wife and child were two of the victims(?)

The FBI is asking for anyone with information to call the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office at 1-866-219-8333 or 1-800-CALL-FBI, both toll free numbers. One of the vehicles Sheley was driving was found next to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis through its OnStar feature.

Sheley was hanging out near Busch Stadium last night.
KSDK reported:

NewsChannel 5 spoke with a Washington, Missouri man who police think not only talked to him, but lent Sheley his cell phone.

The man said he and friends left the Cards-Mets game Monday night and went outside to tailgate.

“This guy walked up and he started talking to us,” said the witness, who asked to remain anonymous. “He then he asked to borrow a cell phone so we gave him one.”

The man made a call for 15 minutes.

“He gave the phone back and asked if we’d delete the phone numbers, so we did,” the witness said. “We got in the truck and left.”

But when the witness got home, there were four deputies waiting for him.

“The phone call that he made was to a drug house in the Kirkwood area,” he said. “They had been watching that house, so they traced the phone call back to the cell phone that he had used and that’s how they got my address.”

Then the officers explained why they were trying to track Sheley down.

“They said that he’s killed eight people,” the witness said. “They didn’t say how they knew that it was him that made the phone call, but they asked me what he looked like and I explained it to him and they said that I was dead on.”

UPDATE: Sheley was captured tonight right across the river from St. Louis in Granite City, Illinois.

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