Regime Says Iranians Want Stricter Dress Code

The regime says 79% of Iranians want a stricter dress code.
(It sounds like more BS.)

The mullahs are worried that the Iranian youth are becoming too Westernized.
Fars News reported:

Meantime, a recent poll conducted by Iranian Students Polling Association (ISPA) on the Islamic dress code (Hijab) revealed that 79% of Tehranis are in favor of better Islamic attires for women.

The results also indicated that 21% of the participants believed the current female clothing is improper, while 66% others not only viewed it as improper, but also asked for preventative measures.

Also, 24% of the participants described Chador (overall clothing), 30% manteau and wimple and 25% manteau and scarf as the proper clothing for women.

The polling results further showed that 65% of Tehrani citizens believe the best way to improve the present situation regarding women’s code of dressing is education and propagation of the proper dress code culture in the society.

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