Details On the Michelle Obama "Whitey" Tape Released?

The rumors on the internet now include very discriptive details on what to expect from the Michelle Obama “Whitey” tape:

Michelle Obama poses with Mrs. Khadijah Farrakhan (the wife of Louis Farrakhan) for Jet Magazine during a Rainbow Push Coalition Conference in Chicago back in 2004.

CAPTION: Picture 11, Rev. Willie T. Barrow, chairman emerita, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, enjoys the Women’s Luncheon with Michelle Obama, wife of U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama of Illinois and executive director of community affairs, University of Chicago Hospital, Shoshana Johnson, the nation’s first Black female POW and former Iraqi captive, and Mrs. Jamell Meeks, wife of the Rev. James Meeks, vice president, Rainbow/PUSH, and Rev. Dr. Barbara King, Mother Khadijah Farrakhan, wife of Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Judge Arnette Hubbard.;

Sister Rosetta at Hillary Clinton Forum reported this from HillBuzz yesterday on the mysterious Michelle Obama “whitey” tape yesterday:


The Michelle Obama Rant Tape was filmed between June 26th – July 1st 2004 in Chicago, IL at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference at Trinity United Church: specifically the Women’s Event.

Michelle Obama appeared as a panelist alongside Mrs. Khadijah Farrakhan and Mrs. James Meeks.

Bill Clinton spoke during the Conference, as did Bill Cosby and other speakers, but not at the panel Michelle attended.

Michelle Obama spoke at the Women’s Event, but referenced Bill Clinton in her rant — his presence at the conference was the impetus for her raving, it seems.

For about 30 minutes, Michelle Obama launched into a rant about the evils of America, and how America is to blame for the problems of Africa. Michelle personally blamed President Clinton for the deaths of millions of Africans and said America is responsible for the genocide of the Tutsis and other ethnic groups. She then launched into an attack on “whitey”, and talked about solutions to black on black crime in the realm of diverting those actions onto white America.

Larry Johnson at No Quarters continues to follow the story but has had problems at his website due to attacks he is blaming on the Obama camp.

Here is more on the Michelle Obama talk at The Rainbow/Push Coalition Chicago Conference in 2004:

Womans Luncheon

12:00p.m ~ 2:00p.m.

M.C.’s: Cheryl Burton and Karen Jordan, ABC 7

Keynote Speaker: Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Special Guests:
Shoshana Johnson, Retired United States Military
Michelle Obama, University of Chicago

No Quarters is now reporting that the tape was being sold at the Trinity UCC website?

The “tape” is a DVD that Trinity United sold on its website, and possibly offered free for download up until March 2008 when Trinity’s site was scrubbed and the DVDs were no longer offered for sale.

This outburst happened just one month before the 2004 Democratic Convention, when Barack Obama delivered the keynote address.

Are there any cache file experts out there?

MORE… The Campaign Spot is reporting that TownHall blogger Katie Grimes says that the Rudy Giuliani Campaign has the tape.

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