Lebanon Gives In to Hezbollah

Hezbollah gains veto power– Will keep their weapons.
The democratically elected Lebanese majority government gave in to Hezbollah terrorists during negotiations in Qatar.

The BBC reported:

Rival Lebanese leaders have agreed on steps to end the political deadlock that has led to the country’s worst violence since the 1975-90 civil war.

The Western-backed government and the pro-Syrian opposition arrived at the deal after days of talks in Qatar.

Under the deal, the opposition – led by the Hezbollah political and militant group – will have the power of veto in a new cabinet of national unity.

It also paves the way for parliament to elect a new president.

The post has been empty since November.

Correspondents say the agreement is a major triumph for Hezbollah, whose key demands have been met.

Beirut to the Beltway has more on the agrrements that were made.

Lebanese Political Journal says that Hezbollah will keep their weapons.


This latest revolt seems to have worked out nicely for the Iranian-backed terror group.

UPDATE: Walid Phares writes on Hezbollah’s takeover of Lebanon at The American Thinker including this final thought:

Observers believe this agreement is an expression of a defeat in the War on Terror against the Iranian-Syrian axis in the region.

That sounds about right.

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